Composite Fillings

Although many people may find their current oral health is up to par, past issues such as decay are still evident in their smile. Using a composite filling can restore the appearance of decayed teeth by using a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. Moreover, composite fillings can help with teeth discoloring from aging and reshape disfigured teeth. A composite filling is utilized by adding layers, shaping as they go and hardening with a specialized light. This minimally invasive cosmetic dental procedure can significantly improve the look of your teeth. The talented team at Park Slope Dental Arts can blend composite fillings to match the look and color of your teeth. The result is a vast improvement for those who suffer from cosmetic flaws or prefer a more natural appearance in the event of cavities.

In addition to covering flaws, utilizing composite fillings can be an excellent alternative to the traditional silver filling material, especially for those who experience cavities in their teeth. This technology continues to advance alongside modern dentistry as a route to improving the appearance of teeth with results lasting for many years. Although our dental team always recommends daily brushing and flossing, adding a cosmetic dental procedure can dramatically improve the look of your smile.

What Is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a tooth-colored filling made from a mixture of plastic and glass. This specialized mixture is used on the surface of the tooth to replace lost tooth structure, fix flaws and correct fractures in current fillings. By utilizing advanced equipment, the composite filling can be molded and shaped to provide an identical match to the rest of the teeth.

The talented and experienced team of dentists at Park Slope Dental Arts understand how important your smile is to your appearance. Adding cosmetic procedures such as composite fillings can increase your self-esteem, cover flaws and provide you with a path to optimal oral health. Contact Park Slope Dental Arts today for more information about the family dental services we provide.

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