Dental Implant Restorations

If you are suffering from a broken dental implant, chances are you want to have your teeth back in working order sooner rather than later. At Park Slope Dental Arts, we are experienced in providing even the most challenging dental situations with restorative dental solutions. We have created a comprehensive dental care treatment program designed to restore dental implants.

Dental implants are very similar to your natural teeth because they form a structure that is both strong and stable. A long-term solution to missing teeth, dental implants can become salvation for those who want to improve the look, function and feel of their teeth. If you or a family member is experiencing problems from a previous dental implant procedure, or are experiencing other issues with your dental implants, the team at Park Slope Dental Arts is here to help.

Implant Repairs

Although dental implants have a success rate of nearly ninety-nine percent, some people may experience problems requiring implant repairs. There are so many ways the body reacts to dental implants, that in some cases it is impossible to predict if you will have any issues with dental implants. If a dental implant becomes loose, it must be replaced. Neglecting to repair an implant can have a negative effect on your oral health, resulting in additional bone loss or bone damage.

If you have a loose implant, don't hesitate to have the problem assessed to ensure you are staying on top of your healthy smile. Waiting could mean the difference between excellent teeth and struggling with oral health issues once again. The most common reason patients experience a loose dental implant is during the treatment process. The experienced and skilled team at Park Slope Dental Arts aims to provide optimal care to all our patients. If you have a loose implant, contact us today to schedule your appointment now.

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