Root Canal Therapy

If you have ever experienced a severe toothache, you already know how agonizing and excruciating the pain can be. Often the culprit is a severely infected tooth. Infections will typically begin on the outer shell or enamel portion of your tooth. For some, there is no pain associated with the onset of infection, but as time goes on the infection will progress into the next layer and can compromise the neighboring teeth. The end result is the infection or decay seeps into the pulp, the section of the tooth where the nerve resides. Once the infection reaches a certain point an abscess begins to form at the root of your tooth causing immense pain and suffering. Furthermore, you risk tissue damage, tooth loss and damage to your gums, often resulting in poor oral health. If left untreated the infection can become so severe that your only option is to remove the tooth.

If you find yourself in this situation don't hesitate to contact the caring staff at Park Slope Dental Arts to help with general dental care. Root canal therapy can save your tooth from being extracted. This method of root canal therapy is highly developed, making pain relief imminent and fast. Root canal therapy can also alleviate swelling and providing patients with a successful route to better oral health.

Root Canals Are Not Painful - Infected Teeth Are Painful!

People have a tendency to correlate root canal treatment with severe pain. But, the treatment itself is not painful; the infection itself is the root of all pain! During the root canal therapy process, the nerves are removed from the tooth, essentially making the tooth dead. The caring, professional doctors and dental hygienists at Park Slope Dental Arts strive to gently and effectively administer all dental procedures with the utmost care.

If you or a family member is suffering from an infected tooth, don't wait to call us. To help maintain optimal oral health, Park Slope Dental Arts recommends regular checkups and cleanings. Additionally, staying on top of your oral health can prevent tooth infection and more. Contact us today to reserve your appointment now.

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