Same Day Dentistry

Many people find that searching for a professional and talented dentist in the event of an emergency can be cumbersome. Often, same-day dental appointments are difficult to find available, especially during non-business hours or weekends. Where some may not be able to accommodate same day appointments for dental care, the team at Park Slope Dental Arts aims to make same day dentistry a reality, especially for those in dire need of attention. At Park Slope Dental Arts, we strive to accommodate each and every patient with the best dental care, often even same day appointments. Whether you are a new to the community or a current patient, visit with one of our friendly staff members today for information on availability.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

If you are looking for a dentist within your community that also offers same day appointments, Park Slope Dental Arts works hard to meet the needs of current and new patients by offering same day dentistry. Current and emerging technology has allowed us to provide optimal oral health care in a timelier manner, making long waits for appointments a thing of the past. When there is a short wait, offering our patients modern amenities such as a calm and comfortable waiting lounge, flat screen TVs, a breakfast bar, complimentary beverages and more shows that Park Slope Dental Arts not only values your business, but your time as well.

Although same day appointments may not always be an option, the team at Park Slope Dental Arts will make accommodations as quickly as possible to ensure your oral health and well-being is cared for. We understand how painful emergency situations can be and your comfort is our priority. If you find yourself needing a same day appointment, contact our office today for more information about scheduling, finance options and more.

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