Dental Bridges

Missing teeth are one of the most difficult dental flaws to experience. Not only is your smile compromised, it can be difficult to chew food. It can also prevent your smile having a healthy appearance causing you to feel insecure about your oral aesthetics. Moreover, neglecting to replace missing teeth can ultimately lead to an array of oral health problems. Missing teeth can cause problems with adjacent teeth causing the entire foundation of your jaw to shift out of place. Often the result is a misaligned bite and jaw discomfort.

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental procedure utilized to fix the gap a missing tooth leaves behind. Using advanced dental technology, bridges can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or even a combination of mixtures depending on the situation. The skilled team of doctors at Park Slope Dental Arts can help you get your oral health functioning properly with the use of a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge

If you have a missing tooth, there are options available to remedy the problem. A dental bridge is the process of using specialized cosmetic dentistry materials and equipment by adding a bridge to prepare your mouth for a crown. A false tooth is utilized to join the crown and bridge to your jaw, cementing the false tooth in place. Practicing good oral hygiene is essential after the installation of a dental bridge to ensure your new smile stays intact.

At Park Slope Dental Arts, we make it our priority to make our patients feel comfortable with all of our cosmetic procedures and treatments. We will work hard to make your experience one that is both enjoyable and pleasant. If you have a missing tooth and need help, contact our office today about your options.

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